Records Storage

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Choosing to secure your records with Landmark Self Storage in Edmonton provides you with not only protection for your personal and business information, but allows you to free up some space in your office or home.

Efficiently managing your business records can quickly become overwhelming. While it is imperative to have these documents for a set amount of time, there will be files that need not ever be opened again.

Original Hard Copy

While filing older documents into files and into filing cabinets and boxes can keep your records organized, the rows of cabinets and piles of boxes can easily begin to take over your office space; space that can be effectively utilized by your business team.

It may be tempting to either begin a very long shredding or scanning mission; however, it really is best to keep your hard copy originals accessible in paper format in a secure environment, safe from natural disasters, and unauthorized personnel. Preserving your records is a vital means to protecting your business and your business information.

Records Storage Solutions

Landmark Self Storage has records storage solutions for you too. Keep your current, everyday documents on hand at the office with a few designated filing cabinets and allow us to securely maintain all your old records on a secured premise. With state of the art video surveillance security systems in place, know that your records are safe from the risk of theft or destruction.

Landmark Self Storage also has the materials you need for successful filing, labelling and essentially organizing of the records you keep in storage. We can supply you with everything from file boxes to labels. A good filing/labelling system will help you keep an inventory and retrieve records quickly and easily.

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